Physiologic Instruments designs and manufactures instrumentation, EasyMount Ussing Chamber Systems and Data Acquisition products for studying transport across epithelial barriers. Bioelectrics such as transepithelial voltage, short-circuit current and resistance or conductance are measured using single and multi-channel voltage/current clamps that may be directly connected to Acquire & Analyze for automating data collection and analysis. The EasyMount Ussing chambers provide solutions for labs wanting to study different types of epithelial tissues and cell cultures in a single chamber system that offers ease of use, easy cleanup and exceptional flexibility.

Unlock the power of precise epithelial barrier research with Physiologic Instruments and their Ussing Chambers. Our innovative equipment delivers fast and reliable results for drug discovery, drug transport and other studies in electrophysiology, pathophysiology, nutrition, immunology, parasitology and more. Physiologic Instruments and Ussing Chambers At Physiologic Instruments, we wouldn't be able to provide the innovative epithelial research solutions we do today without the extraordinary findings of Dr. Hans H. Ussing, the inventor of the original Ussing Chamber over 70 years ago. His revolutionary research illuminated the way ions were actively transported across frog skin, leading to highly accurate analyses of the intestine, kidney, respiratory epithelia, and exocrine glands. Now, Physiologic Instruments is proud to be the epithelial research innovator that has taken Ussing's original invention and advanced it to the next level, through many advancements in Ussing Chambers and other technologies.

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